Project overview

Aviva wanted to re-design their corporate website with a view to establishing more of an editorial look & feel.

I was soley responsible for the re-design of the website. I led the creative direction and defined the new look & feel for Aviva's corporate webistes.


During the initial design exploration phase I started by sketching out ideas for components, user-flows and page templates.

I established a cleaner more modern look and feel, with better use of colour, typography and white space.


Users included potential investors so the data needed to have standout as well as being accessible. I used a limited colour palette, giving the corporate site it’s own identity and setting it apart from the more consumer-facing public sites like

The design system was built using Sketch & Zeplin.


The site was built using a CMS and is kept updated by content authors. To aid the authors I created detailed documentation in the form of an author’s design guide which had helpful do's and don'ts with regards to layout and colour combinations, as well as component guides and photo cropping instructions. I also worked closely with the development team to ensure parity between design and development was achieved.

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