Corporate platform redesign

My role

Lead Designer (Hands on)

Reimagine a global corporate platform serving multiple countries and languages into an engaging and accessible experience, showcasing the mass amount of news and editorial content. Delivering real-time financial data for existing and new investors.

About is a trusted source for investors, shareholders, journalists, career hunters and anyone who wants to know who Aviva is and what they do. It's where Aviva tells the world its story.

The problem

The previous look and feel was more than 5 years old and over time more and more content had been added making it cluttered. The site suffered from poor discoverability and it lacked visual / content hierarchy. There was no data visualisation and the overall aesthetic of the site felt dated.

Previous design



Improve search functionality, making content more easily searchable


Increase click through rate and dwell time. Reduce page drop-off time


Enable statistic tracking for data analysis


Create a flexible/scalable Design System for Aviva's corporate & consumer facing websites


Modernise the aesthetics of the site and establish a digital corporate brand identity


Introduce real-time financial data for existing and new investors


Improve IA to collate a complex corporate platform


Simplify data driven content, allowing users to access relevant financial statistics


Improve user journeys and site navigation based on user testing


Create documentation and guidelines for content authors

My role

My responsibilities as the Lead Designer was to lead the complete end-to-end design process for this project in a hands-on UI/UX role, taking concepts from design to development, to successfully launching the site.

I worked closely with the product owner, aligning to the product roadmap, enhancing the site during production and post launch.

Working within a small cross-functional team including a project manager, a BA and a team of developers to ensure the designs/solutions created were flexible/scalable and met the needs of the business, as well as their various known user types that visited the site.

The process

  • Audit existing site navigation and content
  • Competitor analysis
  • Review analytics
  • Gather objectives from stakeholders
  • Initial wireframes / prototypes
  • Review with stakeholders
  • Iterate wireframes and user interface
  • Review with stakeholders
  • Prototype and demo
  • Final designs
  • Presentation to stakeholders
  • Development
  • User acceptance testing
  • Analyse results
  • Iterate

Design decisions

  • Mobile first approach
  • Bold, confident use of Typography
  • Introduce more white space
  • Use a minimal colour palette
  • More effective use of colour for accessibility purposes
  • Add emphasis to key numbers/data
  • Improve the quality of photography used across the site, less reliance on stock photography
  • Add custom photography to all headers on all key landing pages
  • Introduce data visualisation
  • Improve scanability of content
  • Improve UI patterns
Design Process
Responsive component design
Design System Elements
Author's Guide
Final Designs


  • Successfully launched Aviva's new global corporate responsive website
  • Defined Aviva's Corporate Design System and Digital Guidelines
  • Created an Author's Guide featuring helpful do's and don'ts
  • Improved site navigation and introduced a new global mega-nav pattern
  • The Design System I created was adopted by Aviva Investors for
  • Improved customer satisfaction score
  • Worked with the Product Manager and Business Owners to continually enhance the site and deliver against the product roadmap

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